Here is what previous employers have to say about me. Feel free to contact me at for more information or click each reference’s name to be taken directly to their LinkedIn profile for further contact. 

“Amanda worked at RLF Communications for nearly a year, first as an intern and then as a part-time employee. As the internship coordinator at RLF, I saw Amanda take tremendous initiative on a number of client accounts and provide superb work output that provided her clients with both strategic guidance and effective communication materials.

I personally benefited from Amanda’s strong work ethic and writing skills when she worked with me on Unity FI Solutions, a financial technology client. Amanda provided exceptional media relations support on this account, pitching reporters and securing coverage in publications that mattered most to the client. As strong as her media relations skills are, our team was equally impressed by her in-person interactions with our client during meetings. Amanda’s professional demeanor and outgoing personality caused the client to quickly come to value and trust her as an integral part of our team.

If you’ve met Amanda in-person, you know that she is upbeat, outgoing and eager to work. Her personality is a perfect fit for the communications industry, and we were pleased with how quickly she meshed with our company culture. By the end of her first week with us, she already fit in like she had been with our firm for years. Her ability to adapt and mold to our work environment was invaluable and made working with her a pleasure for all of our employees.

What speaks most to Amanda’s value as an RLF employee though is that we didn’t want to let her go. When she completed her internship with us, we immediately asked her to come back as a part-time employee because she was making such an impact on her accounts. She was invaluable to our firm, and I have no doubt she will be a key player at your company as well.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.”

Adam Bowers, Communications Manager, RLF Communications

“As an intern at RLF, Amanda has displayed strong writing skills, creativity, strategic thinking, and a willingness to learn. Amanda provides support on a variety of accounts, assisting with media relations, social media, competitive research, copywriting and overall strategy development. Her positive attitude and dedication to our client work makes her stand out as an intern, and we look forward to welcoming her back next semester as a part-time employee.”

Alyssa Bedrosian, Communications Manager at RLF Communications

“I can say with all honesty that Amanda and her New Business and Communications team have taken Live Oak to the next level. Her position is relatively new which left little guidance or structure on how her team would operate. While perhaps daunting to others, she grabbed at the opportunity to enhance the reputation and status of Live Oak Communications. Amanda does not merely do what is asked of her, but always over preforms and goes the extra mile. While her ability to manage a team and turn good projects into great ones is admirable, it is her persistent and undying enthusiasm that she brings to her work that impresses the most. She is a leader who people enjoy following, because she is both extremely intelligent and also a pleasure to work with.”

Timothy Gillman, Agency Director of Live Oak Communications

“Amanda was a valued intern and a team player from the beginning. She more than made her mark with the entire staff.

Her duties included but were not limited to the following: mock-ups of client placements, magazine/internet research, social media assistance for the clients & SHP, creation of media lists, writing congratulation notes/itineraries for clients and general office support.

Amanda is an extremely driven individual who enthusiastically took on challenging tasks that further developed her leadership abilities. Amanda has strong written communication skills, is extremely organized, can work independently and is able to multi-task.

Overall, Amanda Limoges was an ambitious worker who fulfilled duties thoroughly. She would prove to be an asset to any organization.

Please feel free to contact me for further information.”

Danielle Burch, Director of Sarah Hall Productions Public Relations

“I wasn’t surprised to learn that Amanda was awarded the MVP for Live Oak Communications Agency for her work on Campout! Carolina. As the account leader Amanda quickly picked up on our goals for the campaign and produced quality content that reflected the tone we wanted to convey.  She was professional and responsive in her emails and calls, and I enjoyed having the opportunity to work with her.”

Heather Beard, Director of EarthShare North Carolina (client)

“Amanda was a valuable asset to Live Oak Communications, Elon’s student-run communications agency, during the spring of 2014. Amanda was in charge of EarthShare North Carolina (ESNC), which is a challenging account with a large workload. Amanda gracefully managed multiple projects and constantly communicated with her client, her five account executives, and me. She incorporated feedback well into her work and improved rapidly. Her team respected her ability to delegate work effectively and keep up team morale. I knew I could always trust Amanda to deliver excellent work on time (and often ahead of time) and I never once felt that I had to micro-manage her in order to keep her on track. We’ve worked with ESNC for about seven years, and they told us that Amanda’s team produced the best work they’ve seen from Live Oak, which is a testament to her leadership. Amanda was awarded the “MVP” award from Live Oak at the end of the semester for her excellent work and dedication to her position.

I have managed more than 10 student account supervisors during my time at Live Oak, and Amanda is one of the best. I know she will bring her positive attitude, strong work ethic, impeccable organization and cheerful demeanor to any position, and I can’t wait to see where her skills take her after graduation.”

 Laura Van Drie, Agency Director of Live Oak Communications


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