Corporate Writing

This is a collection of writing that demonstrates my ability to adapt and master any written communication tasks I may face in the workforce. 

Click the name of each document to view the PDF version. 

Inbound Marketing White PaperInbound Marketing White Paper

This is a white paper I created about inbound marketing for my Business Communications class in 2013. It discusses topics pertinent to the communications field, SEO, blogging, and social networking, and how they can be utilized to drive customers to a business. This document showcases my ability to write strategically on a variety of topics pertinent to the marketing and communication fields.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 2.40.39 PMWebsite Copy for Camp Corral

One of my semester long projects during my internship at RLF Communications was reaching out to families who had attended Camp Corral for future media contact. Initially, I sent out over 2,000 surveys and then set up follow-up calls with those who seemed most interested in the advancement of the camp. After making those calls, I chose four families that I thought had some of the most compelling stories and drafted a couple paragraphs about each family to include on Camp Corral’s homepage. The goal of creating these stories was for military families to identify with the camp and also inspire donors by including personalized stories. During my time at RLF, I also had the opportunity to work on website copy for three other agency clients.


Kelly Clark “Congrats” Note

One of the main tasks I had while interning at Sarah Hall Productions Public Relations (summer 2014) was to write “congrats” and “mock-up” notes for coverage that our clients received. This one in particular highlights SHP’s client Kelly Clark, the four-time Olympic snowboarder, on her feature on ESPN W. In addition to these notes, I was also asked to screenshot the article in pieces and make a visually appealing “mock-up” that was sent to the client along with the “congrats” note.

AOII Online Presence Recommendations

This is a business report I created for my sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, for my Professional Writing and Rhetoric class. The assignment was to analyze an organization’s online presence in comparison to similar organizations and present recommendations for improving it accordingly. In the workforce, I may be asked to do a communications audit which involves a very similar process.

Conflict in Alice Springs Business Report

This is a business report, undoubtably a necessary form of written communication in any field, that I created for my Sustainability class while abroad in Australia (Fall 2013). It is an analysis of a rural town in Australia, Alice Springs, and recommendations to improve its sustainability based on its current political, social, and environmental conditions.

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