Copy & Design

This is a collection of work I have created that demonstrates my ability to craft effective and engaging copy and use design programs including Abobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

Click the name of each document to view the PDF version.

websiteLive Oak Communications Website

While serving as the Communications and New Business Director of Live Oak Communications in the fall of 2014, I was challenged to develop a new website to embody our youthful and professional agency, with inspiration from our new logo created the year before. I made a site map and then developed the basic website design and all of the copy, and remained extremely involved throughout the process working closely with the coder and photographer (both other students).

newsletterLive Oak Communications Semester Newsletter

Also while serving as the Communications and New Business Director of Live Oak Communications in the fall of 2014, I was challenged to create a newsletter that would highlight our achievement’s as an agency and appeal to the staff of Elon University, as well as serve as a collateral interview piece for our staff. I interviewed the Account Supervisor of each team to gather specific information and focused my efforts on finding specific numbers that they were then encouraged to share with their clients to prove ROI. I worked closely with the creative team during the development of this collateral piece.


3-Fold ASPCA Brochure (Outside Panels)3-Fold ASPCA Brochure (Inside Panels)

For my Corporate Publishing class I was asked to created a 3-fold brochure for the ASPCA without using its typical pathos tactics. I was provided with the RGB color codes, the ASPCA logo, and text, but was asked to organize the information in a visually appealing way that also appealed to its audiences. I created this brochure on Adobe InDesign with clipart I created on Adobe Illustrator and photographs I enhanced and cropped on Adobe Photoshop.

13 Going on 30 Movie Poster

Also for my Corporate Publishing class, I was asked to create a movie poster based off one of my favorite movies, 13 Going on 30, using my own photograph. I used Adobe InDesign to create the poster and Adobe Photoshop to edit the photograph and cut my body out of the background image. I was also challenged to find fonts that mimic those of the original poster without any guidance.

What is Professional Writing and Rhetoric?

This is a document I created as part of my Professional Writing and Rhetoric course. The assignment was to explain the field of PWR to an audience of our choosing in a relevant and engaging way. I chose my colleagues at Live Oak Communications as my audience and used Adobe InDesign to create this document. It is a traditional white paper in a magazine style layout.


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