Andrew Does the Big Apple

I can’t believe I am writing this post from the comfort of my living room. This summer came and was gone so quickly and yet so slowly at the exact same time. It’s odd how time works, huh?

The last couple weeks in New York were absolutely INSANE school wise, but I would lying if I didn’t say they were my favorites by far. I had the most amazing weekend with Andrew and his family in New York that definitely ended my city summer with a bang.

Andrew's family and me!

Andrew’s family and me!

On Friday Andrew arrived and I took him straight to the best bagel shop in New York, Brooklyn Bagel, that was located conveniently on our walk back from the bus. His eyes rolled back into his head, he admitted it was the best bagel of his life, and that was that. After dropping his bags at my place, we headed up to Central Park. We walked around for an hour or so just catching up and then met with his mom and brother and walked around the park together for a few hours. Afterwards we headed down to the Highline for a nice walk together and stop in Chelsea Market. To say that Andrew’s mom and I have the same personality is an understatement- he warned me, but I was still a little shocked. Needless to say, I loved her. She even wore polka dots (my favorite) and some brightly colored sweater that is SO something I would pick out.

A fellow wine lover, Andrew’s mom took us out for some wine and appetizers that were incredible in this great little garden in the city.

Andrew and me at the Yankees game!

Andrew and me at the Yankees game!

As you can see by the picture, we did have a little vino in their garden 🙂 Afterwards, Andrew and I said goodbye and headed up to the Yankees game with some of the other SHP interns. We had way too much junk food and Andrew got ketchup all over his pants before we even walked in the stadium, but all around it was an amazing game with great company and was somehow so much more fun than the Yankees game I was forced to go to for class just two days before. Did I mention our photographer (Andrew) somehow managed to forget his camera for this entire day so all we have our iPhone photos?! Whoops, I think someone was a little excited to be in the city 🙂

The next morning I woke Andrew up at the crack of dawn (I’m sorry, I really am) and went for a walk along

An example of some artwork along the Highline!

An example of some artwork along the Highline!

the Highline. I think he enjoyed it much more the second time because it was not crowded and it was easy to appreciate the incredible artwork. For lunch we met his mom and brother at a restaurant outside Little Italy for pizza. It was absolutely delicious, if only Andrew hadn’t spilled pizza grease all over the one pair of shorts he intended to wear all weekend. Yes folks, these are also the ketchup shorts…  (I will never understand boys- why did you only bring one pair of shorts?!?)

Anyways, after lunch Andrew and I walked around Chinatown and he tried some tara bubble tea which I warned him was so sweet he was destined to get a cavity

right on the spot. But he enjoyed about three sips of it before he couldn’t stomach another. Then we walked across the gorgeous Brooklyn Bridge together. We felt a breeze in New York City which, trust me, is the best feeling in the entire world.  Andrew was snapping pictures like crazy while I was just trying to walk around, which I guess made up for his lack of photography the day before.

Somehow we spent hours doing this and when we came back it was time to get ready for dinner. We went out and bought wine, cheese, and crackers and pretended to not be the poor college kids we are. I’ll admit we slow danced around my tiny-ass New York apartment but it was perfect. Then we headed to dinner at the most adorable place literally called “The Place” for dinner in Greenwich Village. We even ordered a bottle of wine and dressed up so we felt pretty fancy-shmancy. After dinner we walked around town and headed to Washington Square Park, which, I must admit, is much prettier in the daytime. Typical Andrew thought it was amazing, so he doesn’t have to know…

Me and Andrew on Chelsea Piers!

Me and Andrew on Chelsea Piers!

The next morning Andrew and I walked along Chelsea Piers down to Tribeca for brunch with Andrew’s mom and her college friend. It was the cutest little place called Sarabeth’s that’s all around Manhattan and I had the most delicious Eggs Benedict. Time came and went though and it was time to same goodbye and naturally I was crying mess. Andrew tried to comfort me as I uncontrollably started sobbing in Times Square. I was that girl. I even posted something on Instagram that had the caption “DON’T LEAVE ME” talk about dramatic…

Little Italy with my love!

Little Italy with my love!

Luckily, my dreams came true and as I was about to take Andrew to his bus I asked him to check to make sure his plane was on time. It wasn’t delayed, it was CANCELLED. While Andrew’s face was covered in panic of not being able to get home, I was trying to mask the Cheshire grin that was plastered across mine. After finding out that he had already been placed on a flight the following morning free of charge, we high fived and hopped on the subway to celebrate in style in Little Italy. We both got THE most delicious pasta carbonara and split a carafe (that was for you, Andrew) of sangria that was, in retrospect, not for just two people. It was an incredibly romantic last evening together and we pretended to be in Italy. Not surprisingly, we spent the entire night fantasizing about all the amazing places we want to go together so hopefully some of them will come true sometime soon. For now, I am just ready to be back together in North Carolina…

The next few days after Andrew left were a blur, I was finishing up homework assignments, packing my things, and completing my last few days at work. I am feeling beyond blessed for all the experiences that I had in New York this summer, even though living there isn’t in my radar. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself, it’s that I’m a southern girl at heart and the next few years of my life are probably going to involved quite a few pairs of cowboy boots. That’s all for now- thanks for reading!

All My Love,



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