Living the Fabulous Life

I cannot believe that my time in New York City is beginning to come to a close. While I’ve shared on my blog before that I don’t think it’s the place for me permanently, part of me will always yearn to come back and explore my favorite parts of the city and immerse myself  in the countless things the city has to offer. With a week and a half left now, I started to live it up here and embrace some of the best things this city has to offer!

Ally and I waiting outside for the Kelly and Michael show!

Ally and I waiting outside for the Kelly and Michael show!

On Monday I got a call from my friend Ally from work. I love this girl- she is fun, bubbly, and perfectly Midwestern and reminds me of my big Ellen, so what’s not to love? We are the two interns that I’m pretty sure everyone thinks are country bumpkins, but I digress… she called and asked if I wanted to go to a screening of Kelly and Michael with her on Wednesday morning. Obviously, the answer was yes and before I knew it my alarm was going off at 6 AM on Wednesday morning. It was rough, but totally worth it. We stood in the cold, rainy line for what felt like eternity, but God had something special in store for us because when we walked in the seats were beginning to fill up and we were sat in the FRONT row. Yes, you read that right. With the VIP’s. You should have seen my face, I might as well have just won the lottery or Oprah’s Christmas giveaway. Did I mention our tickets were free too?!

Anyway, Ally was pretty bummed because her fellow gap-toothed friend Michael was out for the day, but secretly I was jumping in my seat because ANDERSON COOPER was filling in. HE. WAS. DELICIOUS (sorry, Andrew). Watching a live screening was amazing, funny, and I totally have a girl crush on Kelly Ripa now. After high-fiving countless stars appearing on the show (we were in the front row, remember?!) we were told by the producer that there was a surprise. No, it wasn’t a free car, but it was that ANOTHER episode was being filmed right after and we got to stay for it. Life. Is. So. Good.



I thought that would be the highlight of my week, but luckily for me there was another one waiting in store for me. On Thursday night after work I was so disappointed that I had to miss a work party, but through the Elon in NYC program I already had a ticket to see Wicked the musical. While Wicked is my favorite musical, I wasn’t overly excited because I saw the show a few years ago on traveling broadway when it came to Philly and thought this production would be similar. Well, this show was on a COMPLETELY different caliber. I’ll say it because I know you all are wondering, yes, I did cry. This show has an amazing plot that follows the lives of two very unsuspecting friends and with songs like Defying Gravity (if you haven’t hear it before, I dare you to listen) I literally had goosebumps for hours. The costumes were incredible, the actors voices were like angels, the plot struck something in me as it always does, the dancing blew my mind, you get it, this show is a MUST SEE. We even got to go backstage after the show and as I stood on stage just as the actors had only minutes before I got the rush I used to in high school. It must be an amazing feeling to get up there in front of a sold-out stage night after night. Now I just want to see every other show I’ve been holding off on seeing due to the hefty price tag. But, I’m thinking at least another is in store for me before I head home! Praying Kinky Boots or Book of Morman tickets somehow mysteriously fall out of the sky and into my lap. A girl can dream, right?!

View from my room!

View from my room!

This weekend has been incredibly relaxing which is anything but what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks. I headed down to Chinatown to finish my class project on Friday afternoon, watched the movie Boyhood with my roommate yesterday, and am headed to dinner with my friend Lauren and her dad tonight. I’ve finished lots of homework, caught up on sleep, and am ready for a new and exciting week ahead!

On Friday Andrew is headed to NYC for the first time since he is 8 and will be seeing all parts of New York that don’t involve Times Square. We have tickets to the Yankees game and I also plan on taking him around the city to all my favorite spots like Chelsea Market, Chelsea Piers, The Highline, Soho, and Greenwich Village- it is a busy and exciting weekend ahead for me and I get to meet his mom and brother for the first time, too! I am literally bouncing off the walls excited, now I just have to make it through the week ahead, but my level of excitement is making the time go by SO slowly. If it were possible for seconds and minutes to be extra long, I would definitely be experiencing that. Anyway, I hope you all have amazing weeks ahead and thanks as always for reading!

All My Love,



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