Top 5 Things I’m Grateful For This Week

To avoid getting monotonous, this week I’ve decided to create a list of the things I’m most grateful for that happened to me this week! In no specific order and without further adieu…

Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers

1. Walks along Chelsea Piers. I can’t believe I didn’t discover this beautiful place earlier this summer. On Friday I walked 9 miles along the gorgeous Hudson River- I think I’ve finally found my form of mediation in the city  🙂





Anne's First Doughnut!

Anne’s First Doughnut!

2. Danish eating doughnuts. This week my friend and fellow intern, Anne, had her first doughnut. I will be honest it was not one of the best, but it is always fun to watch her try another American food. Here’s to Anne having a better doughnut in New York before she heads home!





The gorgeous beaches of the Hampton's!

The gorgeous beaches of the Hampton’s!

3. Beach walks and runs in the Hampton’s. This weekend I traveled up to the Hampton’s to visit my friend Olivia. We had a great run/walk that involved lots of yelling and personal training on my part, but l thoroughly enjoyed having such a great friend by my side. (Liv, I promise next time I make you run with me it won’t be on the sand 🙂 )



View from Olivia's beach house!

View from Olivia’s beach house!

4. Great views.  Olivia’s house is on the bay and has an incredible view of the marsh! I’ve also got to see an incredible view of the city from the American Express building last week… and I also saved 50 bucks on the Empire State Building scam…





Olivia and her birthday cake!

Olivia and her birthday cake!

5. Great friends. So lucky to have spent the weekend with Olivia who not only has been a friend for years, but also gives killer back rubs. Happy birthday, Olivia! So happy to have you in the 21 club!

Hope you are all having an awesome Monday and have a killer week! I have my second-round interview with an agency this week for a fall internship so keep my in your thoughts. Thank you all for reading!

All My Love,



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