Avalon Weekend Getaway

Free Chipotle- yum

Free Chipotle- yum

As if last weekend wasn’t amazing enough, this weekend was another one for the books. The work week was so short because of the holiday and after 2 lovely days in the office I found myself face-to-face with the hurricane. I looked like a washed up wet mole rat as I headed into Chipotle for a quick bite to eat before heading to the bus station. Remember how I said the people here were so rude? Well, I haven’t lost the Southern gal Elon has instilled in me and after ordering I was given a free Chipotle coupon for being so nice to the waitstaff and for knowing that guacamole cost extra. Maybe they just felt bad for me because my hair looked worse than after I ran my half marathon… but whatever, it makes for a good story.

After a belly full of delicious burrito bowl and a heaping scoop of guacamole that was totally worth the extra 2 dollars, I headed to the bus station so full of things I looked like a sherpa. A very, very wet mole rat sherpa, to be precise. The bus station was crowded and crazy but at the nice hour of 2 AM I arrived in Avalon and headed to bed in my queen size, non-lofted bed. It was Heaven-on-earth.

Me, Nicole, and Kasey

Me, Nicole, and Kasey

The next morning I walked with my mom and hung out with my cousins at the beach until my friends Kasey and Nicole arrived mid-afternoon. It was the perfect girl’s weekend eating delicious food, enjoying wine, and just catching up. We were all too tired to go out that night and vowed the next evening to celebrate in style.

Avalon Sunset

Avalon Sunset

The next morning though there was a change in plans. Andrew had found himself bored, alone, and sleeping on a futon bed and before I knew it he too joined us for a weekend at the beach. We celebrated the fourth in hurricane weather the only way we knew how, with a trip to TJ Maxx because at least shopping would make us happy, right? In the afternoon it cleared up and the four of us had the most amazing dinner of ribs, steak, potatoes, and veggies and watched the sunset over the pier.

My people at the Princeton

My people at the Princeton

Somehow, the weekend just kept getting better… The four of us took the Jitney down to the Princeton and had the typical Avalon night of dancing followed by late-night Circle Pizza with my friend Geoff. I even wore a romper against my mother’s well wishes and somehow survived (Sorry, mom, it was new and just had to be worn).

The next day we had the perfect day at the beach lounging, walking, napping, and playing beach games. Andrew and Kasey creamed Nicole and I but I know in our rematch Nicole and I will take the gold! That night we had the perfect homemade dinner of BLT’s and guacamole (are you noticing a guac trend here, or is that just me?).

Surprise from Andrew!

Surprise from Andrew!

Afterwards, we headed down to Stone Harbor and watched the fireworks. If the day had ended here I would have died happy, but we topped it off with a party at my parent’s friend Steven’s house on the bay. We danced and ate delicious apps and even met a girl Maggie who invited us to her fabulous house on the bay. Somehow, all of the girls there ended up being AOII’s too and we had so much fun with these random strangers who just happened to be in the communications field as well?! Can you say To Dragma (AOII’s publication), anyone? After a few hours hanging with some post-grad adults who were trying to relive their college days, we headed back to the party and danced the night away with my parents and even got to take a limo home. Definitely what I’m doing on my college budget every night, right?

The next morning signaled the end of a great weekend and the four of us moped all the way to the beach. Somehow, we got over ourselves and enjoyed all of the beautiful things Wawa has to offer and Kasey ordered a quesadilla and mac and cheese. We judged her, but kept her around anyway and lounged away the afternoon and until we had to part ways.

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend surrounded by family and friends and just another day at home would have been excellent. Once again feeling thankful for such amazing people in my life and looking forward to a relaxing weekend in New York that won’t involve a five hour bus ride. I hope you have an amazing weekend and thanks for reading!

All My Love,




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