Life is SO GOOD. I’m on my way back to NYC after the most romantic, perfect weekend with Andrew in DC and only wishing I could have one more day here, one more dinner together, or even just one more kiss. Not only did I fall more in love with this sweet boy, but I also got to explore DC and find myself falling in love with the city, too. DC is in my mind the perfect city- there is the excitement and hustle that New York has, but there is grass. There are trees. There are farmers markets and cute little Victorian homes and although we didn’t see a single cloud in the sky all weekend, I bet when it’s foggy you can see the tippy tops of all the buildings and you just can’t do that in New York. And that matters- trust me.

Together at last- first night in DC!

Together at last- first night in DC!

Enough about my love affair with DC, on to the fun stuff! Andrew and I both arrived late afternoon on Friday and somehow I kept myself together and didn’t shed a single tear! I think I was in bodily shock… but we took a taxi back to the hotel and were kind of blown away. Not to toot my own horn but this hotel was FABULOUS. Gorgeous chandelier, awesome service, king size bed, a sitting room (which I don’t think we ever even went in), granite countertops… (you get the point) it was awesome. After getting settled we headed out to Adam’s Morgan for a drink at a rooftop bar. 21 still feels amazing and we toasted to a great trip, which, I must admit, we lived up to. After nomzing on some absolutely DELICIOUS french onion dip and some sort of alcoholic “punch bowl” concoction we explored the streets together taking in the view and each other’s company. (Ugh, I hate myself, that sounds so lovey dovey, oh well). We had some dinner, walked hand in hand and just caught up after a month apart.

Some random boy and some mimosas

Some random boy and some mimosas

The next morning we found ourselves face to face with a carafe (which we also learned how to pronounce) full of mimosas and THE most delicious brunch of my entire life. Andrew had a grilled cheese with tomatoes, bacon, and garlic herb butter, and I had challah french toast. Andrew knows me too well and agreed to let me have half of his sandwich for the small trade of half of my french toast knowing my eyes are always bigger than my stomach and I will always let him end up eating half of my food anyway.

We were stuffed, a little tipsy, and ready to take on the day… only to find out that the subway was completely shut down in the area of town we were staying. So a few miles and blistered feet later we found ourselves face to face with President Obama.

Wait… Did I say that?

With President Obama (please, squint) at the White House!

With President Obama (please, squint) at the White House!

Oops, I meant the white house… (same thing, right?!). Afterwards we snuck into the ever fabulous W hotel and pretended to be staying there and really just using them for their restrooms, fabulous decor, and heavily air-conditioned lobby.

After cooling down we headed to the Washington Monument only to find out that tickets had sold out for the day at 8:30 am, so we drowned our Washington-monumentless selves in some ice cream. We were both feeling much better after some ice cream in our bellies and Andrew began, true to his character, to have a conversation with the man right next to us about me while I was sitting right there. While normally one might think this was rude, this kind gentleman happened to have two free tickets to the Washington Monument. Funny how things turn out, huh? Feeling like a million bucks, we found ourselves high-fiving for the next hour as we got the last spot in the elevator not once, but twice… it pays to be only two!

After the monument we went back to the hotel for a nap… for 3 hours. Our internships have been wearing us out and somehow we didn’t even make it to dinner until 8 o’clock which meant we were both starving.  Dinner was once again fabulous- the guacamole was so great it could have solved world wars, I swear. Yum. Stuffed, but ready to take on the city, we headed to the rooftop bar for a drink at the W. We acted like the rich little snobs that no college kids can actually afford to be, and with a 15 dollar martini in hand (thanks, Andrew), we looked out over the most amazing view. Talk about romantic…

Our farmer's market breakfast spread

Our farmer’s market breakfast spread

Our final day was filled with lots of tears and lots of smiles- the perfect combination that you know means it was so awesome that it should never end. We woke up early, checked out reluctantly out of the hotel, and headed to Georgetown for the day. In typical fashion, on the way to the bikes we ran into a farmer’s market that was to die for. We spent an hour looking around, sampling fresh produce, and just thinking what a genuine blessing it was to find this peaceful little spot amongst a big city. We adapted our plans and had a breakfast of homemade tomato soup and croutons and a breakfast biscuit with eggs and bacon (guess who ordered each). They were both DELICIOUS.

Georgetown Cupcake Heaven

Georgetown Cupcake Heaven

After our little pit stop we rented bikes and went to Georgetown. CUTEST. TOWN. EVER. If you haven’t been it’s like ever girl’s dream (or mine, at least) cobblestone streets, lots of cute shops and cafes, and adorable tree-lined streets. I was in heaven and Andrew and I spent hours just walking around, holding hands, stopping to take way too many pictures, and lounging on the grass just taking in the view. As we were about to leave we ran into Georgetown Cupcakes, of all places. I had only been gushing over this place all weekend!!! It lived up to it’s name and I had THE best cupcake of my entire life, red velvet with cream cheese frosting, and Andrew had a delicious strawberry shortcake cupcake!

After eating the most delicious sweet treat (and ya’ll know I’m a bakery snob) it was time to head back to the big apple. Yes, this is when the water works set in and I was a crying little a baby until I bored the bus back to New York.

While DC was amazing, this weekend would have been nothing without Andrew by my side. Feeling blessed today and everyday to have him in my life and I’m beyond excited to have him with me in NYC in a month. I have another day of work and then I’m off to Avalon to spend the fourth with my family and friends. Hope you all have a relaxing and patriotic fourth and thanks for reading!

All My Love,




2 thoughts on “BEST. WEEKEND. EVER.

  1. I loved this post – it’s inspiring me to get out and explore more in the city I just moved to 🙂 And so true that DC is awesome since it has all the urban bustle but GREEN, unlike NYC. Hope you’re having a great summer!

    • I’m having a great summer and I hope you are too! You never know, you might see me in DC too this time next year! 🙂

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