Busy, Busy, Busy Bee

Hey readers!

Kelly Clark at the taping of The Weather Channel

Kelly Clark at the taping of The Weather Channel

Last Monday I literally raced back to the computer to tell you ALL about CBS Evening News, but I’m gonna be honest the past week and a half topped it all. Last week as part of my internship I got to go to The Weather Channel with Kelly Clark, the four-time Olympic snowboarder. She was so down to earth and cool and THE WEATHER CHANNEL?? Come on it was pretty awesome! I even got a special pass on it with my name on it and “Publicist” and I strolled in the NBC Building like I owned it, or so I imagine… honestly, I was probably freaking out little a giddy little kid that it was pretty obvious I was an intern. But, I digress…

Other exciting things that happened last week were that the interns at SHP explored The Crosby Street Hotel during lunch. This place is absolutely FABULOUS and although we couldn’t afford a single thing on the menu, we took pictures, pretended to be lounging in the “tea” room, spent time in the garden, and yes even ventured into the bathrooms- yup, they were fabulous (individual hand towels, can you say classy?)! We all promised that when we’re rich and famous we will stay here! Now on to finding a rich husband… (I kid, I kid!)

Sabrina and I at the Burton Snowboard Pre-release Party

Sabrina and I at the Burton Snowboard Pre-release Party

My favorite part of last week was that after work last Thursday, due to my elderly age (21), I got to go to the Burton Snowboard pre-release party. IT WAS AMAZING. Yes, the caps are necessary… it was in Chelsea overlooking the water, at sunset, with an open bar, and was filled with hundreds of cool hipsters having the time of their life. I met amazing people from all over the world and had one of the tastiest mojitos of my life. It was the people watching though that was priceless and for some reason being with co-workers in business casual at an event full of people wearing minimal-to-no clothing and smoking weed was just hilarious. It is such a blessing to have an internship that actually includes the interns in office activities. Did I mention we are having a book club? How cute is that?! We are reading Thrive by Ariana Huffington and although, I must admit, it is not my favorite book, the discussion surrounding the book has been invaluable and will hopefully help me break some bad habits and form some new, good ones (I know, I know, I’m turning into my mother)!

My family at our house in Avalon last weekend

My family at our house in Avalon last weekend

After this crazy, sleepless week, I headed home to my beach house in Avalon for the weekend. It was everything New York is NOT- it was peaceful, relaxing, quiet, and grassy. I must confess the first thing I did upon arriving was frolic through the grass and quite literally smell the roses. I tanned in the sand, walked endless miles on the beach with my mom, had cocktails with my parents, ate delicious food, and just RELAXED. It was everything I needed for a few days to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and I headed back to NYC feel rejuvenated and ready to take on another week.

On Monday my dreams came true and I got to visit Ketchum Communications, which, for those of you who don’t know, is one of the best agencies to work for in the world. In 2012, PR Week named it “Agency of the Year,” so obviously I was freaking out! I got to ask lots of questions and get some names and numbers of employees- so fingers crossed for future years!


My headshot! Thanks, Julie!

My headshot! Thanks, Julie!

Then the final really exciting thing that happened this week was that as part of the Five on 5 summer intern lecture series at my internship, we got to visit Julie Skarratt’s photography studio. Not only did we get to speak with Julie, but she also offered to take head shots for all of the interns. While this might seem intimidating to some, Julie had a way of making you feel like you’d known her forever and while she was having a conversation with you, she just happened to be taking your picture as well. It was such a fun afternoon watching everyone in front of the camera and the images we have now are absolutely beautiful! Not everyone get’s to be a model for a day, so I’m counting my blessings. Don’t worry though, I won’t quit my day job…

I’m off to work soon and then to DC tomorrow. I can NOT wait to see Andrew after far too long apart. Looking forward to a relaxing, but exciting weekend, and all the adventures I have in New York ahead of me. Thanks for reading!

All My Love,



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