CBS and Chinatown Exploring

Hi, readers!

Let’s be honest, I should be sleeping right now (okay, you caught me it isn’t even 10 o’clock yet)… but today was so fun it’s worth a little less sleep to share my adventures with all of you! The past week has been full of lots of hard work from doing homework for my class, preparing for my internship presentation, working (obviously), and finally mastering Cisionpoint- the program my agency uses to collect media lists. I was even asked Thursday afternoon to drop everything I was doing to pull some media lists for a client’s tour of California- success!

But, we both know you’re not here to read about my small victories pulling media lists using an online program- you’re here for the juicy stuff. On Friday afternoon my roommate Shippee and I finally crossed the bridge to Brooklyn. It was indeed everything I expected it to be- the perfect little hipster town just like in the TV show Girls (and if you don’t watch that show, you really ought to get on it ASAP). We traipsed through the monsoon-level rains to a burger joint my friend Georgie had suggested and ate a little piece of heaven before heading over to her place for a gay pride party. Probably the only straight people at the party, we had a grand old time sipping wine and dancing the night away to 90’s jams that I pretended to know and seriously dated me as someone still in college amongst many people in the mid and upper 20’s (not that they’re old- I just looked like a baby!).


Sunny flowers for sunny days!

Sunny flowers for sunny days!

On Saturday, my roommates and I woke up early and went to see The Fault in Our Stars at 10:50 AM. Yup, you read that right, folks, but in our defense movies are half price before noon! Naturally, I bawled like a baby while mindlessly chowing down probably over 4,000 calories worth of white cheddar SmartFood popcorn, but trust me it was so, so worth it. I spent the afternoon puffy-faced from all the crying and shopping and people watching in the ever excellent, Union Square. A man in underwear, a Turkish pride parade, and a dance group that jumped over 6 people all within a 200-foot radius, what more could an excellent people-watcher like myself want?! Also, the sun finally came back out after 6 muggy, rainy days, so I bought some sunny flowers to celebrate!

Sunday, was a relaxing day well spent in Central Park. A good book, a bikini, and a blanket and I was good to go for hours! I also discovered a place down the street that does $10 manicures, so I’m liking this place more and more every day…

Some fun fruit like lychee that I found in Chinatown

Some fun fruit, like lychee, that I found in Chinatown

But today, today was the best day yet… I spent they morning touring a journalism company for law firms called Law 360 and met an amazing Elon alum who now works there. After a quick visit there, I headed down to Chinatown by myself for some exploring and also working on my ethnography project for class. As much of the research I’ve done about the area indicates, it is very authentic and as someone who has spent over a month in China I can testify this is so true. The small lined streets of shops bring me back to my time there last summer and make me want to travel even more… but for now New York will do! And obviously, no complaints here I’m not running out of anything to do anytime soon.


CBS' newest anchor, Amanda Limoges

CBS’ newest anchor, Amanda Limoges

This afternoon was the most exciting part, we got to tour CBS news! We spent hours speaking with producers of various shows and visiting the facilities of 60 minutes, CBS radio, and the CBS Nightly News. Even better, we got to watch the actual taping of the nightly show! With half an hour to spare we got to sit in both the control room and the graphics room as they began to panic and yell at one another trying to get everything perfect just in time for the show. Then as the program aired to we got to watch the director telling people to pull up graphics, transition in and out, clip segments due to time…it was NUTS and an awesome experience to watch the news from such a different perspective then we get from our side of the TV.

As enjoyable as it was though, it didn’t make me miss my days when I thought I was going to be a journalist because when we left at 8 PM almost everyone was still there… guess work/life balance isn’t a thing in the TV world! After the conclusion of the show we even got to sit in the anchor’s chair and take pictures pretending to be on air,  it was pretty awesome, I won’t lie. I am feeling so blessed and excited to be part of this program and all the amazing connections that Elon has and looking forward to a productive, exciting, and learning filled week at my internship!

Thanks for reading!

All My Love,



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