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Hi readers!

Moving to New York is as you would probably imagine both scary and exciting. The city is overwhelming large, the subways are hot and crowded, there isn’t the friendly southern banter that I’ve come to adore, and yet, there is something inexplicably attractive about New York. It’s just so… fabulous. There are literally limitless things to do here; as my tour guide on my first day here explained the opportunities here are so vast they can be almost “paralyzing” and, to some extent, I now know what he means. There are so many things to do, so many friends to see, so much to explore and try and taste that you find yourself weighing your options rather than going out and experiencing them.

But, I still think I’ve done a pretty good job so far. My first day here I spent exploring the city on a bus tour. Oh, and by bus tour what I really should have said was walking tour. The only time we actually spent in the bus was when we drove from downtown (where the financial district is) to uptown (central park)… after clocking in over 6 miles it’s safe to say it was most definitely a walking tour. I think the blisters still surviving on my feet a week later are a testament to that…

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.21.00 PM

Me and Adam near the bull in the Financial District

My second day here, however, was a ton of fun. For class we split up into groups and explored the city through a giant scavenger hunt. Somehow we found ourselves in Queens and Brooklyn and although they were much out of  the way, this day really helped me master the subway once and for all. Our scavenger hunt of over 30 places was challenging, but a blast, and we took selflies all along the way. I hope the professors we sent them to for credit had as much fun looking at them as we did taking them!

After our absolutely exhausting, but fun and educational days it was time to get down to business and start what I had really come to New York for, my internship. As the newbie intern, my first few days were definitely challenging last week, but I am looking forward to diving right in there this week and showing them nothing short of my absolute best. I really like my coworkers and I feel like my input is really valued and taken into consideration. There are some new interns starting this week, so hopefully I won’t be the new kid on the block any longer! I can’t disclose too much information about my internship online because of confidentiality agreements since many of our clients are celebrities (!), but it’s been challenging and really rewarding so far and I am excited to bring some fresh ideas I’ve been researching this weekend to the table this week!

View from the rooftop sunset party

View from the rooftop sunset party

But, back to the fun stuff! This weekend my friends Kasey and Victoria come up to visit. Unfortunately, they were staying sort of far away uptown near Times Square, but we still managed to make it a great weekend. On Friday, Victoria’s adorable brother wined and dined us. After a great dinner, he took us to a rooftop party that took my breath away. The entire rooftop had a 360 degree view that was literally jaw-dropping. I’ve never thought cities were for me, but trust me this view would have had any country-bumpkin changing their mind, myself included.

The next morning, we met up with lots of girls from AOII and had a fabulous brunch in Chelsea (the neighborhood I live in). After lunch, I somehow found myself on the phone with 911, as an elderly woman collapsed to the ground. Thank God I have a trauma nurse as my mother and my inherited instincts stepped right in. No worries, y’all, she’s fine!

Delicious ice cream sandwich from The Meatball

Delicious ice cream sandwich from The Meatball

After brunch, we headed up to Central Park where we had a lazy but absolutely fabulous afternoon walking around and listening to live music. For dinner we wined and dined at a restaurant in Little Italy which, by the way, I must avoid at all costs before I start to look like a fat little Italian man! It was DELICIOUS and, I hate to say it, very much reviled the food I had in Italy a few summers ago. But sadly, my friends and I had to part ways the next morning and I am missing these sweet friends already, but am so glad I got to show them around the city I too am starting to love!

For class today, we visited both the MET and the New York Public Library. I know, yawn, but they were both very interesting and are cultural things I wouldn’t have done otherwise so I am feeling thankful for an opportunity to explore both of these places and learn more about the city.

I’m still not sure if New York is the place for me, but I’m hoping this summer will help me decide. Either way, I am having an amazing summer exploring and learning and I am looking forward to sharing it with you all! I hope you all have a great week and thanks for reading!

All My Love,




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