Moving to New York

This is a post I wrote a few days before I moved to New York City to begin my PR internship. 

Everyone keeps saying this summer will be the best of my life. And many of you might be thinking, why wouldn’t it be? I am moving to the most exciting city on the east coast, I’m finally 21, and I am working at my absolute dream internship.

8323_NYC_black_and_white_mUntil now, I denied everyone. I joked that the summer after my freshmen year of college I lived down the shore with my parents and worked at a bakery after going to Italy for 3 weeks. Is that even real life? Last summer I spent living and traveling to the fullest. I experienced the most incredible life-altering month backpacking with my brother throughout China only to come home and spend July 4th with my family at the beach… as if it couldn’t get better in July I moved to Australia for 5 months to study at all places, the Sunshine Coast. (I know, I know, it doesn’t even sound real.)

But the last few months I’ve started to realize that this summer really will be the best of my life. This past semester has really reaffirmed that I’m in a field I am deeply passionate about and interested in. But more importantly, all of my travels and adventures have led me to whom I am now: more confident, poised, and frankly ready to take on this internship and city with everything I’ve got.

Plus, I’ve been looking at some articles online about New York City and I could not be more excited to start this adventure. I’ll share a few of them with you (ps thank god for Pinterest so I can keep them all organized!)

1. The College Prepster Favorite Things in NYC

Afternoon tea? Count me in. Red velvet cupcakes? I’m sold.

2. City Guide- Things to Do in NY (Y Travel)

How awesome does a falafel bar sound? From a girl who grew up in a town way outside Philadelphia with only one restaurant that also doubled as the post office, the options in New York are almost overwhelming. Mostly I love this article because it showed me The Skint, a website for free and cheap things to do in New York every day! The real question is, when will I ever sleep?

3. 44 Frozen Treats You Need to Try in NYC This Summer (Buzzfeed)

Numbers 2 (Banana Nilla Wafer ice cream) and 12 (Frozen Vodka Pink Lemonade) just might be my new best friends.

I could post articles all day, but I just wanted to share a few of my favorites! For those of you moving to New York with me on Saturday I absolutely cannot wait and for everyone else I’m officially back in the blogging world; I thank you all for your support and for following my transition to this new website. As always, thanks for reading.

All My Love,





One thought on “Moving to New York

  1. I hope your internship goes well! I’m from a very small town and will be doing some brief work in NYC this summer. I have high anxiety about this opportunity. BUT I’m very grateful for the upbeat post like yours keeping me motivated and encouraged about all the things I can do there. Falafel’s here I come!! haha


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